How to Hack Your Turntables to Create Beautiful Visual Art

There's not just one video here, but three, showing how a pair of turntables can be transformed to create beautiful geometric spirograph art. This brings a new meaning to the term, "turntablism".  

If you have two turntables, are a fan of spirographs and geometric art, then you're going to love these videos. Three clever turntablists have figured out a way to transform a pair of record players attached with robotic arms equipped with pens to create symmetrical shapes. 

The two arms are attached on a fixed point at the center of each deck. You'll see in Ally Mobbs' video how he utilises the different playback speed, pitch and direction to create very complex patterns on the canvas/paper.

turntablism for the hard of hearing from Ally Mobbs on Vimeo.

If you have two turntables and are able to build something like this, I'd definitely recommend trying it out. Should you do so do post a link to your results in our comments below. Sadly, yours truly is short of a turntable'¦


Liam Lacey

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