How To Give Vocals An Edge When Producing Bass House

A gritty vocal sound is crucial to achieving the perfect Bass House feel. Find out how it's done with this short video from Multiplier.  

Bass House is a popular style of EDM and like all genres of music it has particular production tricks that suite it perfectly! In this five minute video from the course Dance Music Styles 111 – Bass House, Adam Pollard aka Multiplier breaks down how to process vocals for Bass House to get that unique effect that lets listeners know that you mean business. Getting into the details of exactly which plugins he likes to use, Adam shows you how each stage affects the results and what kinds of settings he dials in. 

Using the example of iZotope’s Alloy 2, vocal is subjected to processing including overdrive and multiband distortion and the effect brought in and out to show you exactly what is being added to the signal. Take your Bass House vocals to the next level and check out other videos in the course to learn more about this cool style of music.   

Watch the complete course: Dance Music Styles 111 – Bass House

Dance Music Styles 111 – Bass House

If Dubstep and House music got together and had an offspring they’d name it, Bass House. In this Dance Music Styles course, Multiplier AKA Adam Pollard dissects this genre and reveals all the juicy electronic innards that make it work.

In his enthusiastic way, Adam explains Bass House's defining features, common themes as well as its arrangement and structure. Next up, Adam leads you into the world of sound design where Bass is in the lead. You also learn all about the precision elements and those wet and dry sound interplay that adds excitement to the mix. Then, you get some of Adam’s very cool production techniques and tips and tricks to make your Bass House tracks really stand in the clubs.

So dig in, crank up the gain and learn how to make Bass House with Multiplier!

Watch the complete course: Dance Music Styles 111 – Bass House




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