How To Get The Perfect 808 Sound In Pro Tools

Using carefully selected plug ins and a little care, you too can sculpt an earth-shaking 808 sub bass sound. Here's how.  

Pro Tools is used in top end studios around the world, but it's also accessible to producers working in home studios or even on the move. So it's the perfect DAW for producing music, and especially for mixing EDM. In this short video taken from the course Pro Tools 302: Mixing EDM In Pro Tools, expert producer Alex Solano shares his pro tips for mixing and tweaking the classic sound of the 808 drum machine.

Pro Tools 302: Mixing EDM In Pro Tools

Alex uses a dedicated 808 plugin synth to customise his electronic kick sound, enhancing the sub frequencies to make it sound huge. He then employs metering plugins like iZotope's Insight to analyse exactly how his 808 sound is behaving, and where it might need some more attention to get it to sit better in the mix.

Continuing to add carefully selected plugins like distortions, he focuses on different frequency bands within the 808's signal to expertly tailor it to his taste. The result is an amazing sounding sub bass that has much more character than the raw sound he started off with. Check out the rest of the videos in this course for a comprehensive and complete guide to mixing EDM in Pro Tools.

Watch the full course Pro Tools 302: Mixing EDM In Pro Tools in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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