How To Generate Automatic Harmonies With iZotope Nectar

Forget the days of tedious audio editing - here's how to quickly create complex, auto-generated harmonies in just a couple of minutes.  

There are a wealth of tools at our disposal for correcting vocals, all the way from minor tweaks to wholesale re-pitching. In this video from the course Vocal Tuning 101: The Art of Vocal Tuning, Josh Carney focuses on one of the best plug-ins you can use to get the perfect vocal take - iZotope's Nectar. Specifically, he shows you how to use its particular talents to achieve "auto harmonies". But what does that mean? Read on to find out.

Vocal Tuning 101: The Art of Vocal Tuning

Nectar contains many processing modules and the important one here is the Harmony Engine, which Josh drops into the signal chain to begin with. You can choose whether to apply pitch correction to the incoming signal, and then configure your harmony in the X/Y area - setting its volume and panning among other parameters. Next, he configures two separate harmonies to play at different pitch intervals with just a couple of clicks, adds filtering and other tweaks within Nectar to make the harmonies sound great. Check out the full course for a complete and comprehensive guide to vocal tuning tips, tricks and techniques.

Watch the course Vocal Tuning 101: The Art of Vocal Tuning in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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