How to Create Subliminal Audio Messages

We all dream of being smarter, more charming, more perceptive, etc. It's in our DNA to want to improve and become better than what we already are. Subliminal audio could help you achieve this!  

We all dream of being smarter, more charming, more perceptive, more... It's in our DNA to want to improve and become better than what we already are. With the advent of the TV, computer, and most assuredly the internet (yep, I'm talking to you) let's face it, most of us have gotten a little... lazy?

One route that you might take to advance your skills, personality and mental acuity would be through affirmations, or subliminal messaging. Many scientific studies have proven that our subconscious is always willing to learn when our conscious isn't. In fact, organizations like the FCC even have active bans in place to prevent companies from using this to their advantage in advertisement and marketing. 

So, if they can (well, they can't now) use subliminal messaging to their advantage on you, why can't you use it to your advantage on yourself?

If this sounds appealing to you, here are a few suggestions on putting together your own affirmations and subliminal messages so that you can make yourself into the person you've always dreamed of...while washing dishes, playing video games, and watching television. Could it get any easier?

Step 1 - Be Positive

If you're going to make a subliminal message loop for yourself, or even an affirmation that can play in the background whilst you play Parcheesi, make sure it's positive. Many scientific studies have proven that the subconscious mind does not play well with dont's, and similar commands telling yourself to stop something. For example:

  • “I don't like to stay up late at night eating donuts.”

Instead, use an affirmative statement like:

  • “I go to bed around 9:30 PM and my stomach is completely satisfied till the morning.”

Step 2 - Music or Ambience?

Should you choose to make a subliminal message loop for yourself, consider these suggestions for foreground audio. Ambient sound like rain drops, waterfalls, and ocean waves serve a dual purpose. First, they make you relax in whatever state you are in. Secondly, when you are relaxed, your subconscious is much more receptive. 

If you do choose to embed an entire playlist of your favorite songs with subliminal messages, make sure that they are uplifting songs. You don't want those old, sad, depressing tracks getting mixed with positive statements, right?

If you decide to go with ambience, make sure to experiment with loop points in your audio program, so that you can set up a nice environmental loop on your iPod, etc.

Step 3 - Set Up the Loop

In an audio editor like Logic Pro or GarageBand, record single statements, positive statements like the one listed above. Avoid using words like shouldn't, can't, don't, etc. Your subconscious won't process them. After you've recorded the statements you feel will work for you, copy each statement in triplicate. Here's what I mean:

If I have a command like: I love swimming. Copy the statement back to back three times so it says: “I love swimming, I love swimming, I love swimming.

Your voice should be recorded somewhat monotone—apparently our subconscious processes this better. Also, leave space between each repetition. The Option-drag trick is great for this, as it makes creating copies of audio regions very easy. 

So, the way it will work is if you have 5 commands or affirmations, they will repeat 3 times each, for a total of 15.

Once recorded, drop the volume of your affirmation subliminal track to around -17 dB, or lower. It needs to be barely audible in comparison with your foreground audio. If you're doing affirmations, make sure that they are audible, so that you can hear them clearly and repeat them to yourself.

Step 4 - The Playback Device

So, what would you use to play these loops on? iPads, iPods, and iPhones all have repeat commands on them! Set up a playlist with just the ambient/subliminal recording you make, and place your iOS device on repeat. It can go all day long while you go about your daily business. That's a sure fire way to become more relaxed and improve an area of your life in the process!

You love Logic... You love Logic... You Love Logic...

Did that work? If so check out these Logic Video Tutorials here!

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I was looking for this information but i still wondering : subliminal is sound low (db) or Mhz high 15000 ?
i m not sure
Just saw this, sorry for late reply. Use low for subliminals. Use high if you want to say them out loud or to yourself. Low subliminal is good if you just want to hear the music but not the words. They will still go into your mind
mohammed deaa
hi guys ..
Iam listening to Subliminal Affirmations in english language (from youtube ) and I don't speak english very well ..
will it work on me ?
Sorry for the year late reply. As long as you understand basic English language, the subliminals should work.
Can affirmations be cut once audio file is rendered will it effect the messages I have one rendering out from dspeach?
If you use a text to speech like dspeech, Google, or whatever . Use that as the word file. Then the music. Should have two files then. One the words, the other the music. Can use audacity or other music mixers to put them together. Make sure you do adjustment to sound before you combine the two. Make sure you keep the original version of both in case you decide to change it later
What can we use to make subliminals on Android?
The volume has to be 17 db or -17 db?
I need help
I have 5 affirmations
but i want to make it longer so how to set up the loop of affirmation.
Is it advisable to have paralelized messages on a subliminal audio ?

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