How to Create Your Own Refill for Reason

From Rack Extensions to iOS apps to awesome hardware interfaces, Propellerhead have been busy creating! You can too (be busy creating, that is). GW Childs runs through how to create your own Refills.  

With a slew of new features and Rack Extensions well on the way, it goes without saying that there will be a lot of new people coming over to Reason. In this new batch of users, you can expect there will be new enthusiasts, new amateurs, and pros. 

Despite your level of expertise, and day job, being new to the Reason game, you may decide at some point, that you'd like to contribute to the ever growing amount of presets patches, effects, etc that are already out there. This could be for your own personal amusement, or it could be for financial gain. Whatever the case is, you may want to know a little bit about Refills before you begin. Let's talk about this now.

What are Refills?'

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