How to Create Realistic Guitar Sounds in Logic Pro's Sculpture

Ever wondered just what kind of realistic sounds you can design in Logic Pro's Sculpture? Sure it can do the weird and wacky but here's how you can make an authentic electric guitar sound.  

We all know that Logic Pro X contains more synths than you can shake a stick at (and no, I haven't tried), but one synth that really stands out for its individuality is Sculpture. If you didn't already know, Sculpture is great at creating physically-modeled sounds and instruments. Anything from guitars to harps, gamelans to marimbas and many more crazy, unimaginably odd string based sounds. In fact, you can take Sculpture into more electronic sounds too, like organs and kick and percussive sounds.

Sound designer, Rishabh Rajan, explores the full gamut of what Sculpture is capable of in his latest video course on, Logic Pro X Sculpture Sound Design Workshop.

One of his sound design lessons shows how to create the basis for an electric guitar. Once you've got the basis of this sound you can then add some processing (hello Amp Designer and Pedlaboard) to get your guitar crunching at just the right frequency in your tracks.

To watch the complete video course check it out here:

If you wish to purchase this course, click this link to get 50% off until end of Sunday: 

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