How To Create Impact Reverbs For Punchy SFX In Dance Music

Impact reverbs are a favourite trick of dance producers, but do you know how to create them for yourself? In this short video, Multiplier breaks down the technique.  

Sound effects or SFX aren't just something people use when scoring music to picture, even if they are particularly common in that world. They are also an integral part of a lot of dance music, used to punctuate tracks by denoting drops, forming part of the rhythm or accentuating transitions between sections. In this short video from the full course Dance Music Sound Design 306: SFX Advanced, Multiplier focuses on the use of impact reverb to add punch to your SFX. 

You'll see how to use compression on the reverb effect to create a pumped and much more intense character to the reverb. By manipulating the threshold, ratio and release controls on the compressor you can get anything from a subtle to an extreme effect which you will recognise from a lot of commercial dance tracks. Hearing it in isolation makes it much clearer how the effect has been created. Check out the rest of the course for much more on creating advanced SFX for dance music. 

Watch the full course Dance Music Sound Design 306: SFX Advanced in the AskAudio Academy here

Dance Music Sound Design 306: SFX Advanced

Taking your SFX design to the next level requires more in-depth knowledge of the subject. Building upon the principles introduced in the Dance Music Sound Design 106 SFX course, this 22-tutorial course focuses on advanced techniques and concepts.

You start the course by learning key techniques to create epic impacts sounds, such as layering, digital clipping and advanced reverb ideas. Next, you find out how to give life and movement to those low sub frequency drops, and how to make them more interesting. Continuing with the course, you discover complex audio routing techniques to create feedback loops, important technical concept such as removing DC offset, and interesting ways to build more tension in your tracks. But that’s not all… There’s also plenty of tutorials on creative white noise techniques, how to turn noise effects into chords, how to create modular drone FX, and more even advanced tips and tricks!

So watch this advanced FX sound design course, and be sure to watch every course of our ever-expanding Dance Music Sound Design series!

Watch the full course Dance Music Sound Design 306: SFX Advanced in the AskAudio Academy here

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