How To Create Big Break Buildups For EDM In Ableton Live

If you've ever wondered how EDM producers create dynamics within their arrangements, this video on big break buildups will answer your questions!  

Knowing how to use your DAW is only half the battle when it comes to making music. You also have to understand composition and arrangement. This is particularly important in dance music, where the way a track is put together can determine its effectiveness on the dancefloor. In this short video from the course Live 9 304: Making Electronic Dance Music, producer Olav Basoski lets you in on one of his professional secrets - creating a big break build up.  

Olav uses a combination of techniques including envelopes, automation and more to create ramps of parameter changes across various synths and put together a build up that provides added dynamics to the song's arrangement. By using these techniques, you will see how EDM producers create movement and energy within their tracks. Check out the rest of the videos in the course for even more insider's secrets on dance production.  

Watch the full course Live 9 304: Making Electronic Dance Music in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

Live 9 304: Making Electronic Dance Music

Olav Basoski is back and this time he's turned his incredible chart-topping song skills to his new favourite audio tool, Ableton Live 8!

In these new, Pro Level Ableton Live 8 tutorials Olav Basoski shows you how he constructs his monster dance floor anthems in Ableton Live 8. You'll learn insider tips and tricks for structuring your tracks, using compressors, EQs and other DSP effects, and hot mixing tips that will make your songs shred dancefloors the same way Olav's do.

Olav has produced hundreds of Dance records and he owns 3 of the worlds most popular dance music labels: Work Records, Samplitude Records, and Rootz Records. If you want to produce songs like a legend of the house music industry, you need to check out this new tutorial by Olav Basoski.

Watch the full course Live 9 304: Making Electronic Dance Music in the Ask Audio Academy here.

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