How To Create Authentic Techno Bass Patches In Any Synth

Bass tones are a key component of techno music. In this short video, Multiplier gets down to the fine detail of how the different stages of a software synth can be set up to get a great bass sound.  

Getting a great bass sound is just as important when producing techno as in any other form of EDM. In this short video from the full course “Dance Music Sound Design 101 – Designing Bass”, expert producer Adam Pollard AKA Multiplier breaks down exactly how he goes about creating an awesome sounding one-shot bass synth tone. Using tools that are present in many different synthesizers: oscillators, filters and envelopes, you’ll get the lowdown on how each stage contributes to creating the end result.  

Adam explains how tweaking the filters and oscillators as well as trying different setups can really affect the bass sound. You can take the advice he gives and apply it to almost any synthesizer to create an authentic techno bass that will sound great in your productions. Check it out now!

Watch Dance Music Sound Design 101 – Designing Bass in the AskAudio Academy here

Dance Music Sound Design 101 – Designing Bass 

Next to the beat, the bass is the most important foundational timbre in dance music. It can be deep and round and smooth. Or it can be malicious, edgy and filled with an abundance of high frequencies and internal rhythms.

There's really no right or wrong bass timbres. But there are definitely serious-sounding basses and other less serious ones that are wimpy, weak and anemic. This in-depth course teaches you the art and theory behind the making of those super-powerful, killer bass sounds!

This course teaches the fundamentals of oscillation and pitch. You see how modulation is applied to the VCA and filter to generate movement and envelope. There’s also sections on synthesis, bass-appropriate FX and bass design theory! The course concludes with a collection of examples that explains and explores some serious dance music bass styles!

So take a class with our exclusive dance music expert, Multiplier (Adam Pollard), and learn the ins-and-outs of designing bass sounds that’ll give your tracks bottom, propel your music forward and energize the dance floor!

Watch Dance Music Sound Design 101 – Designing Bass in the AskAudio Academy here


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