How to Control a Groovebox or MIDI Synth Using Novation's Launchpad Pro

In this short but sweet video, producer and performer Thavius Beck demonstrates how to use Novation's Launchpad Pro and Circuit groove box in tandem. And there's not a computer in sight.  

One of the coolest things about Novation’s Launchpad Pro is how it can be used in standalone mode, that is without your trusty PC or Mac or DAW.

In this concise video tutorial Thavius Beck shows exactly how. He uses the external MIDI fader mode on the LPP to manipulate the parameters of one of the synth sounds on the Novation Circuit. 

This video tutorial is taken from the Launchpad Pro 101: Produce and Perform course by Thavius Beck. Watch all the videos in The Ask.Audio Academy here.

Circuit’s synth parts 1 and 2 send and receive MIDI on channels 1 and 2 respectively. So it’s important to export MIDI from the Launchpad Pro on the correct channel. 

In the video Thavius plays and records the notes for one of Circuit’s synths directly from the LPP. Then he expertly jumps into the LPP’s Fader Mode to manipulate Circuit’s synth sound in real-time. 

Now, if you’re missing a Circuit in your setup that’s cool. You can use your Launchpad Pro to control any MIDI synths… yes, even the ones sitting in the back of your studio collecting dust.

If you want to master the Launchpad Pro for studio, DJing and live performance then watch the complete Launchpad Pro 101: Produce and Perform course by Thavius Beck in The Ask.Audio Academy.

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