How to Choose the Right Warp Mode for Ableton Live & Push 2

Ever wonder which warp modes to choose and which is best suited for use in Ableton Live? And how to adjust them using the Ableton Push 2? All this and more is covered in this excellent video tutorial.  

This excellent video tutorial on Warp Modes for Full Songs shows how to change the different warp modes directly from the Ableton Push 2. You can watch all the videos in Thavius Beck’s Ableton Push 2 201: Push Harder course here in the Ask.Audio Academy.

As the video shows once Warp mode is turned on you can adjust the Warp mode settings from Push 2. Thavius Beck shows how by changing the tempo you can hear more clearly which warp mode will suit for a whole song. He goes to explain the different warp modes: Beats, Tones, Texture, Re-Pitch and Complex in depth which particularly useful for those wanting to warp an entire song with as few artefacts as possible.

Can you guess which warp mode will give you best sonic quality when changing tempo for a complete song?

In the complete course Thavius doesn't just teach Push, he plays and teaches Push 2, so you get a real-world sense of what is possible. In this 30-plus tutorial course he takes you through the processes and techniques he practices every day to ensure that his Live sets are as innovative and powerful as they can be.

Watching and studying this course will provide you with an insider's knowledge of Push 2's seamless integration with Live and how you can use it to take your music to places where few other controllers can go. Our advice: Watch this course now and learn how to "Push Harder" with Thavius Beck!

Watch all the videos in Push 2 201: Push Harder.

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