This excellent tutorial on how to make a Dynamic EQ with Ableton Live Devices and Max for Live by Joshua Casper could save you time and money, and help your productions sound great.  
The finished article

What is Dynamic EQ?

Getting Ready to Start Building the Racks

“Main EQ” Rack

“Band Isolator” Rack

“Band Full” Rack

“All Bands” Rack

“Final” Rack

Mapping the Envelope Followers

Tweaking Your New Dynamic EQ Rack

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Joshua Casper is an accomplished live performer, DJ, producer, and music educator. His specialties are centered in and around Ableton Live and Native Instruments. His educational material has been featured on and as well as a myriad of large music production websites. His music has been featured on Read More


I wasn't able to get the Rack I built, or the prebuilt one available for download, to work the way it does in the video. BUT, I definitely appreciate you sharing this tutorial. So impressive, I'll give it another go this weekend!
Joshua Casper
Tell me what is happening with your rack. Maybe I can help you figure out where you went wrong... though, if the download isn't working it might be because you don't have everything that is required. Do you have Max? Do yo have the Essentials pack? Have you adjusted the actual EQ nodes so that they are working?
Not really related to the article, though I did find it useful; wondering what the name of that skin is though?
Joshua Casper
Hey there. You can find that skin and an interview with its maker here:
Still going through, very cool stuff(!!), but a couple spots noted typos and (maybe) incorrect pics which is making it a bit confusing and me not sure if I'm on the right tip. This stuff gets hard tricky when you get down the Effect Rack rabbit hole! hahaha :)

"Your rack should look like this." and "And the macro map settings should look like this." both show the same pic which seems to be macro map. In another spot just below, the paragraph says the following:

"Map the Macro 1 & 2 from the “DyanEQ - Band Isolator” rack to macros to macros on the new rack. I mapped the frequency to macro 8 and the Resonance to macro 4, but I titled that macro 4 as “Widen” instead of “resonance”."

Just a typo surely, but "rack to macros to macros" reads a little confusing. Also, in the next sentence, it says "I titled that macro4 as "Widen" instead of "resonance"". However, in the pic for that, Macro4 says Band Width.

I eventually noticed that the 2nd pic shows what each Macro mapping is for which parameter, including name, but maybe mention this in the article a little more clearly? Again, totally my dunce-ness, hahahaha, but . . . oof rabbit hole! Also in '"All Bands" Rack" I'd maybe note that for each Band in the new mappings you make, that you renamed each as well.

Quibbles my point(s) to be sure, but would probably make things a wee bit clearer for some of us dunces. :)
Joshua Casper
Thanks for taking the time to point of those things. We have updated the pictures and made a couple things more clear.

Have you completed the rack? Are you still struggling with something? Maybe I can help get you to the finish line.
Still need to play with it a bit more when not doing boring daily stuff I have to get done, but plan on getting it finished for my own learning of how to do so. Very cool though man!
Can Turgay
Hey thanks for great tutorial but I am having a trouble at the last step. I can not map envelope follower to the eq8's gain. I do click but that doesn't work. When I try to map it to the prior DynaEq-Eq-Final stage's 1 gain A (which Eq8's gain is mapped to) that works but then I can't map other bands followers cuz 1 gain A is already mapped to the first band's follower. I would really appreciate if you can help. Thnx in advance. Cheers.
Joshua Casper
You should have 4 bands. Each band should have its own envelope follower. That's 4 bands with 4 envelope followers. Those 4 envelope followers coincide with the four active filters on the final EQ 8. Let me know if that makes sense. If not, i suggest downloading the finished rack and looking inside to see what you might be missing. If that doesn't work, shoot me a message on facebook with your rack and i will help you move forward from there...
Thank you so much for this in-depth tutorial! One crucial point could be corrected in your tutorial / picture:
When mapping the envelope followers to the corresponding gains of the EQ-bands, they have to be mapped to the macros controlling the gains of the Final Stage EQ-Rack, not the gain knobs in the EQ itself. ;-)

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