How To Arrange Tracks With Native Instrument Maschine JAM

NI's Maschine Jam makes live performance and recording easy. Here's a speedy guide to getting up and running with the arranger.  

Native Instruments' Maschine Jam is a groundbreaking take on the Maschine concept - the creativity of the Maschine hardware but with a strong emphasis on live performance. But how do you start arranging a track with it? In this short video from the course Maschine Jam FastTrack 101: Jam Essentials, NI expert Matt Cellitti gives you a fast introduction to using the arranger both in the hardware and software. With hands-on examples you'll be up and running in no time.

Maschine Jam FastTrack 101: Jam Essentials

Matt demonstrates how the hardware and software work together and as well as arranging notes and clips, how you can control levels, effects, mute and solo and much more all from the Jam unit. You can also "string" scenes together on the fly, remixing and creating as you go, as well as controlling group and individual channel volume. With this short video you'll get a fast guide to using Maschine Jam's arranger, and in the full course you will get a complete overview of everything it can do, and how you can make it work for you. Check it out now to get up to speed with NI's performance powerhouse!

Watch the full course Maschine Jam FastTrack 101: Jam Essentials in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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