How Novation AudioHub 2x4 can be your Music Production Hub (Video)

In the animated video below, Novation show off a handful of the countless setups possible with Audiohub 2x4.  

There's a hundred a one ways to use the Audiohub 2x4 in your studio setup. Here's a couple of ideas from the good folks at Novation.

Novation Audiohub 2x4 in studio setup.

Audiohub 2x4 is a combined audio interface and USB hub for electronic music production. Housed in a sleek yet tough aluminium chassis, the compact USB interface with 'Focusrite Sound Inside' provides a stereo ultra-low latency input, four super loud outputs and a powerful headphone output. The integrated powered USB hub can power up to three USB devices: de-clutter your music making space in seconds.

Read our full review of Audiohub 2x4 here:

Visit the Novation website here:

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DJ Triple A
Excuse me, as stupid as this may sound, but for on the go sets where I have no access to a powerplug, could I technically power the audiohub through either my laptop or even a battery pack? I wish to buy it but I want to find out as much as i can beforehand. thanks!

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