How Many Ants Does It Take To Play The Stranger Things Theme?

If you think this is a simple enough questoin, wait until you see what we define as an "ant"...  

The powerful, semi-modular, ANTS!, from Plankton Electronics is an excellent analog monophonic synthesizer for anyone looking to expand a Eurorack system or as a standalone desktop unit. For those with larger modular setups, unfortunately the Ants! can’t be retro-fitted into a Eurorack case but all its input and output connections are fully compatible with the Eurorack voltage standards.

And just because ANTS! isn't a machine made by one of the big synth brands like Korg, Roland or Yamaha, it definitely deserves more attention than it has been getting.

Plankton Electronics, the company behind ANTS!, is a one-man maker and we knew ANTS was going to be an interesting synth from the initial teaser video demos. When we actually got hands-on we realised just how powerful and flexible it is, especially considering this semi-modular analog synth is just 490€.

And now you can see how ANTS! is more than capable to play the famous Stranger Things theme tune:

You can read and watch our review of ANTS! here:

Jump straight to the Plankton Electronics ANTS web page here:

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