House Grooves by DHaze for Digitakt

Inspired by the soulful spirit of house, this Elektron Digitakt Sample Pack serves as a gateway to crafting analog and organic house grooves.

Analog and Organic House Grooves

"House Grooves by DHaze" delivers the distinctive analog warmth and organic textures that define the unique sound of DHaze. Each sound in this collection is meticulously crafted to bring the authenticity of analog production to the Elektron Digitakt, creating a sonic landscape that is truly one-of-a-kind.


Versatility for Live Sets and Studio Sessions

Whether preparing for a live set or diving into studio sessions, this sample pack is an essential toolkit. With a diverse range of sounds, including analog kicks, crisp claps, snappy snares, and more, the possibilities are endless for crafting signature house grooves.

Pre-Programmed Patterns

Jumpstart creativity with 16 meticulously crafted patterns. Ranging from classic to contemporary, these patterns offer a dynamic and groove-worthy foundation for tracks.

Comprehensive Sample Library

Explore a vast collection of 127 samples, featuring analog kicks, organic percussion, vocal chains, stabs, and chords in various keys. The analog touch adds a unique character to productions, ensuring a sound that stands out in the crowded world of electronic music.

Snare Rolls and Fills for Dynamic Movement

Elevate beats with programmed snare rolls and fills. Simply hold down the "page buttons" on the Digitakt to inject dynamic movement into patterns, adding an extra touch of authenticity.

Technical Details:
Format: WAV
Compatibility: Elektron Digitakt and other samplers
Total Samples: 127
Patterns: 16

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