History of Steinberg: Pioneering Company Celebrates 30th Anniversary

30 years ago two men founded Steinberg the music software and hardware company behind Cubase, ASIO and VST! Three decades on from its foundation, John Roche takes a retrospective look.  

In 1983, when keyboard player Manfred Rürup and audio engineer Karl 'Charlie'

John Roche has been an award-winning journalist for more than two decades. Over the years, he has written about a wide range of topics in the music industry, chronicling the launch of new instruments and covering technological advances as well as writing about music trends and penning performer profiles. Read More


A History of Steinberg where the word "Atari" is never mentioned???
That's a F for sure. Yes, I see it in that pic, but that us just not right. Cubase on the Atari was the first main platform for many entire styles of Dance Music that are still with us today.

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