Hickory & Dickory Are Dedicated MIDI Controllers For Fabfilter Mixing Plugins

Thousands of producers using Fabfilter's Pro Q (EQ), Pro C (compressor), and Pro L (peak limiter) plugins may have wished for a dedicated hardware mixer or controller. Your wish has been granted...

Fabfilter's mixing plugins are very useful for mixing and mastering and are pretty to look at. But they're also very popular amongst mastering engineers and producers. However, there's often a disconnect between using a software plugin and using a trackpad or even a generic MIDI controller to control it. Unless you use the FabFilter Pro Q, Pro C or Pro L... these two new, beautifully made dedicated MIDI controllers are for you!

Here's what new music company, OhMyBytes tells us about their Hickory and Dickory MIDI controllers for FabFilter plugins:

OhMy!Bytes was born in 2017 due to a collaboration with dBeautySalon mastering studio, although the original idea comes from several years ago.

As musicians and tech nerds we've always had the feeling that musician needs and musical industry solutions often go over different paths. This together with our obsession for the DIY world has encouraged us to make our own gear and gadgets for stage or studio.

The result of these needs are Hickory and Dickory, two MIDI controllers that, far from the typical hassle of generic MIDI controllers, are developed to deal with the plugin parameters in a comfortable and customized way, improving the workflow.

With a robust design, the hands-on feeling reminds to analog gear and not only for their looks. Each one of the potentiometers (not encoders) are momentary-push type so they can have double functionality.

Both controllers can deliver Control Change and NRPN MIDI messages. Also we are working in the firmware to make them Open Sound Control (OSC) ready.

“The search of the solution we needed as musicians and producers, and the fact that other colleagues in the sector got interested in this kind of devices, inspired us to create a product designed by professionals to professionals.” - Álvaro Rubalcaba, OhMy!Bytes founder.

Our friend Nano Cañamares, mastering engineer at dBeautySalon studio says:

"I had a crazy idea and knew that only OhMy!Bytes were capable of realising it. Today, Hickory and Dickory are the core of my studio and I couldn't be more satisfied with the result. They are sturdy, reliable and make my workflow even more flexible than it was. The hands-on feeling of analog gear without having to give up the infinite possibilities of the digital realm. Absolutely stunning!! "

OhMyBytes Hickory & Dickory


Both controllers come in rack format, but a desktop stand solution is also available.

Hickory and Dickory will be available for sale in the next few weeks. The initial price of each unit will be 249 euros, including worldwide shipping costs.

OhMy!Bytes website: www.ohmybytes.com

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