Heritage Audio Debuts Successor Master Bus Compressor At NAMM

Heritage Audio's latest outboard audio processor aims to give a classic sound to any of your tracks. Here's a closer look at its design and features.  

Hardware specialists Heritage Audio have introduced a new outboard unit at NAMM 2019. Successor is a stereo diode-bridge bus compressor that uses the company's Carnhill transformer-based Class A ’73-style input and output stages. We caught up with the guys at the show to get a closer look at it, and you can check out the video below.


  • True Stereo operation on single controls with matched gain cells for extremely precise left/right tracking and nearly zero offset in between channels. Compression tracking works in so called Oxford mode (highest signal takes over compression opposed to summing left and right channels)
  • Carnhill transformer coupled balanced inputs and outputs for added character and vintage vibe.
  • ´73 style class A output stages bring the desired ´73 sound to your mix or drum buses.
  • Diode-bridge based compression excels bringing 2nd order harmonic distortion characteristics and true vintage tone while eliminating nasty odd harmonic content.
  • Ultra-fast attack and release time options never found in vintage designs allows for far more flexible settings, including FET like sounds and volume maximizing without transient artifacts.
  • Complex sidechain filtering options elaborates over the already common high pass filters, introducing mid band peak type filters and high frequency compression, allowing bus correction not possible before.
  • Sidechain SEND and RETURN connections allow for external sidechain signals or further external processing of the internal one.
  • Blend control offers built in parallel compression without any external equipment.
  • Blend ON/OFF button allows for instant comparison in between WET and DRY signals.
  • Stepped controls for easy recall of settings.

Available Q1 2019.

Price: $1499

Web: https://heritageaudio.net/

Learn more about mixing and mastering: https://ask.audio/academy?nleloc=new-releases

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