Here's What You Get When You Cross a Cello With a Didgeridoo

Iranian designer, Aidin Ardjomandi, has won the A'Design bronze award for creating a brand new instrument, the Celloridoo. And it looks amazing, and potentially would sound just as interesting.  

The Cellorido is exactly what it sounds like, a cross between a cello and a didgeridoo. Yes, you read that right. A hybrid of the well-known western bowed instrument and the famous aboriginal instrument synonymous with Australia.

We'd love to see this in real life, as opposed to a 3D rendered model. But, it also brings up an important question: why not simply simulate the two instrument sounds using a MIDI controller?

Would you prefer the emulation, where you could conceivably cross a cello, didgeridoo, guitar and the sound of a baby crying, or a physical instrument?

The Celloridoo concept in 3D render.

The Celloridoo concept in 3D render.

Either way, it's a cool idea and looks interesting.

Via: cmuse 

A'Design Award and Competitions  

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