Here's What Track Machines In Elektron Octatrack Can Do For You

Take your Elektron Octatrack skills to the next level with a greater understanding of Track Machine types, and how to set them up for your specific needs.  

Elektron's hardware is legendary and the Octatrack is among its most powerful devices. In this short video from the comprehensive course Elektron 103: Octatrack Dynamic Sampling, Thavius Beck explains the concept of Track Machines. There are various types including static machines which let you stream audio from memory cards, THRU machines that route audio via effects and Pickup machines that act like loop pedals. 


By giving you hands-on examples of how to set up various machines in Octatrack, Thavius shows how to create different kinds of setups for many different kinds of uses and simplifies this powerful hardware, making it easier to understand. Check out the other videos in the course for more on this amazing sound mangling machine!

Watch the full course Elektron 103: Octatrack Dynamic Sampling in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

Elektron 103: Octatrack Dynamic Sampling

Elektron’s Octatrack redefines the art of sampling. In fact, The Octatrack could very well be the centerpiece of your entire studio and live setup… if you know how to use it! In this 3-hour + course, Thavius Beck takes you step by step through every aspect of this powerful and flexible hardware sampler/step sequencer.

Thavius starts the course by going over the Octatrack’s hierarchical structure, where you learn about sets, projects, patterns, banks, scenes, parts, and the different machine types. After covering Elektron’s outstanding step sequencer, Thavius dives deep into sampling, editing, timestretching and slicing audio. Then, you learn how to add depth to your sound with the built-in effects and LFOs, how to do resampling, and how to twist (or completely destroy) the audio using the crossfader. But the Octatrack is not for the studio only… In this course, you will also find lots of useful tips and tricks for performing live!

So sit back and get ready to learn everything about Elektron's Octatrack, and see why this instrument is Thavius Beck’s favorite piece of gear!

Watch the full course Elektron 103: Octatrack Dynamic Sampling in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

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