Here's The Trailer For New Documentary On One Of America's Electronic Music Pioneers

Morton Subotnik is one of the most well-respected and accomplished pioneers of electronic music around, having worked with Don Buchla amongst others. Check out the trailer for this new documentary.  

New from the makers of 2014's I Dream Of Wires documentary on modular synthesizers is this trailer for an intruging-looking documentary focusing on the life and work of legendary avant gard music pioneer and electronic composer Morton Subotnik, now in his 84th year.

According to the producers, "2017 is a milestone year for Morton Subotnick. It not only marks the 50th anniversary of his iconic 1967 album “Silver Apples of the Moon,” but also sees the premiere of “Crowds and Power,” a new multi-media tone poem for voice, electronic sound, and live imagery, commissioned by NYC’s Lincoln Center, and premiering there in July."

They continue "In Subotnick, we follow 84-year-old Morton Subotnick as he travels to perform at music festivals where, much to his puzzlement, he finds himself celebrated by young audiences as the “father of techno." Through personal recollections, and archival films and images, the film traces a career that spans nearly six decades. From his early years as a pioneer of the American avant-garde, to his newly acquired status as a renowned electronic music icon, Subotnick paints an intimate portrait of one of America’s most influential composers - a man more sharp, driven and charismatic than most people half his age." 

The project is being self funded and the producers have set up an Indiegogo page where fans can pledge donations to help to get the movie made. 

Check out the project on Indiegogo here. 

We're certainly excited to see this film when it appears!

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