Here's How To Use Novation Circuit As An Expressive MIDI Controller

We all know that Circuit is a powerful Groovebox, but did you know you can use it as a MIDI controller too? Thavius Beck shows how the velocity sensitive pads make it an ideal choice.  

If you thought the Novation Circuit is great as a Groovebox, but that’s it, think again. In this 5 minute video tutorial. Taken from the complete course Circuit 201: Novation Circuit - Advanced Circuitry, Thavius Beck demonstrates how its unique combination of velocity sensitive pads, knobs and scale modes make it an ideal controller for DAWs like Ableton Live. 

Watch the complete course, Circuit 201: Novation Circuit - Advanced Circuitry, in The AskAudio Academy here

More About Novation Circuit - Advanced Circuitry

Start out your Circuit enlightenment with a section on audio and MIDI recording. Here's where you see how Circuit interacts with your audio interface and your DAW. You soon learn how to build and record effective drum and synth parts!

Next, is an extensive section where Thavius explains how to use Circuit as a MIDI controller. This is where you see how to set up scales, edit velocities, drums, synth parts and map the macro knobs to do some serious sequencing! 

So, get into some Novation Advanced Circuitry with the great Thavius Beck and see just how powerful this instrument really is!

Watch the complete course, Circuit 201: Novation Circuit - Advanced Circuitry, in The AskAudio Academy here


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Do I need an audio interface to connect my circuit to a ableton?

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