Here's How To Unlock The Power Of Omnisphere's Arpeggiator

See how to use Omnisphere's arpeggiator to add movement and life to sample and synth-based sounds in Spectrasonics' legendary virtual instrument.  

Omnisphere is a supremely powerful multi-instrument from Spectrasonics that combines samples, synthesis and a bunch of other tools to let you make a huge array of different sounds and textures. In this short video from the course Omnisphere 101: Omnisphere 2 Explored, Matt Vanacoro gets to grips with Omnisphere's arpeggiator which can can be used to add movement, dynamics and interest to patches. 

Matt demonstrates how to set up, tweak and manipulate the arpeggiator to create movement and patterns, switch octaves and even lock it to a groove using a MIDI file to match other elements of your track. You'll see that you can change pattern length, use chord mode and much more. Learn everything you need to know about Omnisphere by watching the other videos in this 37-video course!

Watch the course Omnisphere 101: Omnisphere 2 Explored in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

Omnisphere 101: Omnisphere 2 Explored 

When Spectrasonics releases a new instrument, the whole world listens… especially when that instrument is a new version of their award-winning, industry-leading synth: Omnisphere! This course takes you through all of O2’s main features and gets you very familiar and comfortable with this incredibly deep and powerful synth.

Trainer Matt Vanacoro explains everything from Omnisphere 2’s installation to its vast collection of sound generation engines, processors and controls. There are so many levels to this omnipotent synth that it’s important to understand all the features and how they work together. That’s exactly what this course is designed to do!

So dive into Omnisphere 2. Learn how to harness its power. Master its massive library. Familiarize yourself with its controls and then, take it for a sonic joy ride... and please remember to hold on tight!

Watch the course Omnisphere 101: Omnisphere 2 Explored in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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