Here's How To Quickly Comp Audio Takes In Logic Pro X

Compositing audio takes is an essential skill for crafting the perfect performance. In this video, Booker Edwards shows you how to do it in Logic Pro.  

Logic Pro is one of the most capable all-round DAWs on the market and its audio editing tools are especially powerful. In this short 4-minute video from the course Logic Pro FastTrack 201: Advanced Audio Editing Tips, Logic Pro expert Booker Edwards delves into one of the more advanced techniques - creating audio composite takes, or "comps". 

Booker uses a practical example of a multi-lane audio track that has been recorded in several passes, and then demonstrates how to use the comping tools like quick swipe, scissors and trimming to take the best parts of multiple takes and combine them into one perfect take. You'll see how to correct timing by moving different parts of takes around, and how to move comp sections between lanes. It's an easy-to-follow example that will help you when comping any kind of audio material for the perfect outcome! Check out the rest of the videos in the course to learn more advanced Logic Pro audio editing tips.

Watch the full course Logic Pro FastTrack 201: Advanced Audio Editing Tips in the Ask Audio Academy here.

Logic Pro FastTrack 201: Advanced Audio Editing Tips

Do you know all the features that are integrated into Quick Swipe comping? How about the difference between loops, copies and clones and when they are best deployed? What about the efficiency of Edit Groups and all the ways you can compress and expand audio in the Main window? Then, there’s “pocketing” drums using Logic Pro’s Phased Locked audio feature. These tips and more are injected directly into your brain, fast, in this laser-focussed course by Booker Edwards.

Logic Pro is often considered the DAW that you use to create music rather than edit and mix. But that’s truly a myth. Apple and the whole Logic team have been adding more and more advanced audio editing features every chance they get. We believe that Logic is now on par or even more advanced than its old friend Pro Tools! And this course will prove it!

So watch this FastTrack™ course by Booker Edwards and quickly learn the secrets of advanced audio editing in Logic Pro!

Watch the full course Logic Pro FastTrack 201: Advanced Audio Editing Tips in the Ask Audio Academy here.

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