Here's How To Perform & Record FX with Teenage Engineering's PO-32 Tonic Synth

PO-32 Tonic from Teenage Engineering puts a wealth of cool FX at your fingertips. Here's a hands-on example of how to program, tweak and record them in real time.  

Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operators are some of the coolest portable synths around and have both a unique sound and their own way of doing things. In this 4-minute video from the full course Pocket Operator 101: PO-32 Tonic Explored, G.W Childs takes a look at how you add, modify and work with effects using the button grid, variable knobs and LCD screen. 

You get multiple effects that can be triggered in realtime and also automated and recorded as part of your patterns. You'll see exactly how to work with effects and hear how they can make your beats and patterns even cooler. Basically you are performing live with this amazing credif card-sized synthesizer! Check out the rest of the videos in the course to become a PO-32 Tonic master. 

Watch the full course Pocket Operator 101: PO-32 Tonic Explored in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

Pocket Operator 101: PO-32 Tonic Explored

Teenage Engineering’s PO-32 Tonic offers infinite sonic possibilities in a credit-card sized device. In fact, it is probably the most compact drum machine ever! And best of all, PO-32 Tonic’s sound engine is based on Sonic Charge’s Microtonic virtual percussion synth, so the sound is 100% synthetic and absolutely no samples are used. In this course, G.W. Childs reveals the ins and outs of this micro-scopic (but macro-sounding!) device.

First, you get an overview of the PO-32: you learn how to power it up, set the alarm clock (yes, this drum machine features an alarm clock!), and how to start selecting and playing patterns. G.W. then shows you how to record and edit your own patterns, either via step editing or by recording in real time. He explains how to add life and movement to your beats by recording mutes, morphing sounds, and adding swing, accents & effects. You also learn how to unleash PO-32’s full sonic potential with Sonic Charge’s Microtonic plugin, how to transfer data from your computer to your device, and how to sync your PO-32 with other devices. Believe us... beat-making has never been so fun!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take out the PO-32 out of your pocket, and start groovin' with G.W. Childs!

Watch the full course Pocket Operator 101: PO-32 Tonic Explored in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

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