Here's How To Create A Classic Acid Bassline With Roland's TB-03

Here's how to use the classic Step Input method on Roland's Boutique TB-03 bass sequencer and synthesizer to make a cool-sounding acid bass sequence.  

Roland's Boutique range of hardware synths and grooveboxes is a great way to get into the world of hands-on music making without the expense of trying to track down vintage hardware. In this video from the course Roland Boutique 104: TB-03 Explained and Explored, Nate Mars demonstrates how to create a pattern using the classic step mode on the TB-03 model. 

With hardware instruments you are often required to work in specific ways, using button combos to access various functions. Nate shows you how to program the TB-03 in Step Input mode to create a classic acid bass sequence, changing the pitch, timing and feel using the buttons and knobs. Be sure to check out the rest of the videos in this course for a full rundown of everything this cool little box can do. 

Watch the full course Roland Boutique 104: TB-03 Explained and Explored in the AskAudio Academy | macProVideo | AskVideo

Roland Boutique 104: TB-03 Explained and Explored 

The original Roland’s TB-303 is one of the most iconic instrument in electronic dance music. Originally designed to create bassline accompaniments, it was a commercial failure when it was released in the early 80s… only to be reborn a few years later in the hands of DJ Pierre, and other house music producers. With its unique squelching sound, this little synth is responsible for creating a whole new genre of music: Acid House. Now, with the release of the Roland Boutique TB-03, music producers and performers can finally get the 303 sound at an affordable price, and with some brand new features added in!

In this course, music producer Nate Mars takes you knob-by-knob, feature-by-feature through everything this little silver techno box has to offer. You learn about its synth engine, built-in effects (overdrive, delay and reverb), its sequencer (both in the original mode and the brand new step mode), how to create songs by chaining patterns together, how to use it along with other gear (such as the TR-09), and more!

So learn this little box inside out in this 21-tutorial course by Nate Mars, and bring that classic 303 sound into your life and music!

Watch the full course Roland Boutique 104: TB-03 Explained and Explored in the AskAudio Academy | macProVideo | AskVideo

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