Here's How To Chain Patterns with Polyend's Seq MIDI Step Sequencer

Watch Polyend demonstrate how to chain patterns using their newest hardware MIDI step sequencer - Seq - in this free recorded MasterClass.  

SEQ is a hardware step sequencer like no other, with 32 individual steps, 8 track polyphony -  and you can have up to 256 different patterns. Not only that, but you can link those patterns together in any sequence you can imagine. That’s a lot of power and possibility. Learn how to do this in the video below.

In the video you also get to hear about the many new features coming soon to SEQ: Chord presets, music scales, polyrhythmic capabilities, divide or multiply tempos on a per track basis, pad LED brightness dimming and more.

If you have SEQ or you are thinking about getting it, you should check out the full lecture this video was taken from on the Ask Audio Academy. It’s a free one-hour MasterClass that highlights some of this device’s incredible functionality as well as more than a few tips and tricks on how to use it to its fullest!

Watch the full lecture for FREE by visiting the AskAudio Academy here. 

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