Here's How To Avoid The Most Common Bass EQ Mistakes

Equalizing the bass end of a mix can be tricky and there's plenty of scope for error. Here, Joe Albano shares his years of experience and shows you how to get it right.  

EQ is a core skill you will need to master in order to become the best producer you can be. But it comes with its own set of challenges when dealing with the many different frequencies found in any given project. In this short video from the course Audio Mistakes 102: 10 Common EQ Mistakes, Joe Albano guides you through one of the trickier processes you will have to deal with - bass EQ.

Audio Mistakes 102: 10 Common EQ Mistakes

Joe begins by noting that most recording and mixing environments are less than perfect in terms of the way they are designed and set up, and that this can lead to your having an inaccurate impression of the frequencies below around 200Hz, and what they are doing. When your monitoring provides a false picture of the bass end it's tempting to add or remove low frequences using EQ, when in fact this could be the wrong thing to do.

He goes on to explain the pitfalls of using various different sizes of monitor speaker and how these can affect your perception of bass in a mix. Later, there's a discussion of standing waves and how to position your monitors - and yourself in relation to them - to get the best possible results. Check out the rest of the course using the links below for more insider pro tips on how to use EQ as effectively as possible and get great sounding mixes.

Watch the course Audio Mistakes 102: 10 Common EQ Mistakes in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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