Here's Every Single D'Angelo Song Groove Available For Ableton Live

This free groove pack for Ableton Live allows you to apply humanisation, swing and timing from every D'Angelo song to your own productions.  

Following up from their super successful Radiohead Ableton Live Groove pack, have another fantastic groove pack for Live 9 users. This time they've painstakenly gone through every single song by D'Angelo and re-created the groove for each track. 

"This pack contains extracted grooves from every song of every D'Angelo studio album, consolidated into a collection of .agr files you can apply to any track in Ableton Live. This allows you to apply uniquely human imperfections in timing and velocity to your productions in the vein of the loose beats of D'Angelo's records. Note if you aren't using Live 9.7.1 or later, these may crash your session, so be sure to update to the latest version of Live."

Imagine being able to apply the grooves of QuestLove (drummer from The Roots) and adjust them with your own humanisation and swing values in your own productions. Just download them now. It's really that simple.


Download D'Angelo Groove Pack for Ableton Live here:

Learn all about Ableton Live's Groove Pool with Afro DJ Mac / Brian Funk in this excellent AskAudio Academy course:





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