Here's DJ Kiva Showing You How To Set Up Ableton Live With External Hardware For Live Performance

Going from the studio to the stage with Ableton Live can be a great experience, provided you get all your gear set up correctly. DJ Kiva is here to show you how it's done.  

Ableton Live was always meant to be used for performance as well as production - the clue is in the name! But not everyone makes the leap, even though it can be great fun. In this five minute video from the course Live 202: From Studio To Stage, Live expert DJ Kiva shows you what you'll need to know when getting set up for live performance in terms of controller and interface hardware to use with Live. 

Beginning with the AKAI APC40, you'll see how to connect and configure this cool controller so that you can get hands-on control of your sessions. Kiva then goes on to look at configuring an audio interface so that you can get sound in and out for your show. To see more on using Live in a performance context and making sure everything runs smoothly, check out the other videos in this course!

Watch the complete course Performing with Live 202: From Studio To Stage in the Ask Audio Academy here.

Performing with Live 202: From Studio To Stage

 After working hours and hours in the studio, polishing your Ableton Live tracks to perfection, you are now ready to perform your music in front of an audience. But how exactly do you take your musical creations from the studio to the stage? In this course, DJ Kiva reveals tips & tricks guaranteed to get the crowd excited and grooving at your next show!

The course starts by looking at the essential gear you need for "live" performance, and how to set it up for maximum flexibility on the stage. Next, Kiva shows you step by step how to create the ultimate live performance template. You learn everything about exporting audio stems, file organization, warping, custom MIDI mapping, using effects in a live context, navigating a large Live set on the stage, and a lot more… The course wraps up with a collection of rehearsal tips, and a live demo by DJ Kiva on guitar.

So what are you waiting for? Watch this info-packed course and get ready to shine with Ableton Live under the hot lights of the stage!

Watch the complete course Performing with Live 202: From Studio To Stage in the Ask Audio Academy here.

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