Here's A Real-World Video of The Behringer DeepMind12 Analog Synthesizer

This video from is a detailed exploration of the concept to completion for the upcoming Behringer DeepMind12 12-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer.  

Now that most of the information about the DeepMind12 synthesizer from Behringer has been revealed through the extensive series of teaser videos... and through Uli Behringer's own words, we finally have a real-world video overview from the good folks over at

They visited Manchester where the DeepMind12 has been developed by the Midas crew to check out this first hardware synthesizer from Behringer.

I'm determined not to provide many spoilers. It's worth watching this video interview with the makers and you'll also, of course, get a much better look at the synth itself.


Phat12 project from Behringer

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