Here's a Better Real-World Video of the Behringer DeepMind 12

Sound On Sound Got their hands on an early prototype version of the DeepMind 12 analog polyphonic synthesizer and here's a well-shot 12 minute video with good sound quality.  

This video from SOS is certainly better quality than the recent “first look” one we featured a couple of days back. The quality of the audio is better too, which was one of the complaints from lots of people on the internets.

The Behringer DeepMind 12 will be on show at a number of events coming up this year before its launch. In fact, on 20th August it will be at Modular Meets Leeds in UK and then at Synthfest UK on the 1st October in Sheffield, UK.

Opinions on the sound quality of DeepMind 12 is fairly mixed. Some really loving the sounds and others accusing it of having no character.

Oh, and while I was writing this I notiecd that Behringer published their 8th teaser video exploring the LFO's for Behringer's 12 voice analog polyphonic DeepMind 12 synthesizer:


Behringer DeepMind 12 close up


[Via: SOS on YouTube]

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Polyphonic analog synths always get me excited. I always hope to hear something as organic and rich as an old Moog or Oberheim or Jupiter.

I'm sure Behringer has done some very laudible engineering and conception. And they're wizards for managing to sell a 12 voice analog for less than 10 zillion dollars.

But as capable as this synth is, I just don't hear anything out of it that sounds better than any good VA synth. :^{ I'm sure it's not because they didn't have the best of intentions. But it's disappointing.
Truth be told, Korg's Minilogue is the same: great features & specs, but sounds no better than a VA (imho). :^{

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