Here's 6 FREE Kontakt Instruments From Flintpope

This time-limited offer gives you six Kontakt instruments totally free. And if you're feeling generous you can even contribute a little something to say thanks.  

Flintpope is at it again, this time making available a bundle of no fewer than SIX Kontakt instruments for free, or via a donation if you're feeling generous. The offer won't last for ever so we recommend you grab it while you can

Here is some information about what's in the bundle:

  • LAYERCAKE is a powerful tool for creating interesting sound textures, comprised of a set of three samplers with four sounds in each, meticulously crafted to create audio spaces that move beyond the realm of mere pads, leads or basses. You get 16 presets that will get you started on a descent into madness.
  • MANIPULATOR is a set of 9 multi instruments using different pairs of 18 individual Flintpope soundscapes each with 10 user-friendly dials to change parameters that radically affect each sound.
  • CHASMS: twenty very long atmospheres for opening up (or closing down) your music. Ranging from vintage ambients to deep, dark cinematic chillers you may need to turn the lights on and phone a friend after hearing this set. Flintpope’s BASS for Kontakt is bundled in too!
  • 16 PADS is comes out of a previous Ableton Simpler set designed to produce “interesting ambience”. These cinematic atmospheres evolve as they play, taking the listener on an audio journey.
  • CHROMA is a set of 24 original Flintpope CHROMAPHONE presets that are as yet unreleased (WIP). Racked-up in Kontakt to create 24 new instruments utilising NI’s powerful and varied effects, these unusual sounds can take your music on an interesting journey.


You can find even more information about this bundle on the download page

Learn how to create your own Kontakt Instruments in the Ask.Audio Academy. 


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