Here's How To Send Snapshots From NI Maschine To External Synthesizers

Loopop's latest video shows not only how to send MIDI CC to external synths (possible since the Maschine 2.6 update) but also how to send MIDI snapshots, which opens up a lot of possibilities.  

Check out the video from Loopop here:

One of the most innovative features introduced with the Maschine Jam and Maschine software version 2.5 is snapshots - the idea is that you can lock a snapshot of the current state of every parameter in Maschine, mess around with parameters, and then go back to normal with one press of the lock button. You can store up to 64 such snapshots and morph between them. That was great for working with the internal Maschine instruments but at the time could not be extended to hardware synths. 

However, in version 2.6, Native Instruments added the ability to send MIDI CC (control change or continuous control) messages to external instruments. Which means that snapshots could affect not just internal parameters, but also control  parameters on an external synth, so long as that synth accepted MIDI CC messages, and most synths these days do. They also expanded the snapshot functionality to all the other Maschine controllers except the Mikro.

The purpose of this clip is to show how to put 2 and 2 together, or to be more precise 2.5 and 2.6, to use snapshots to create and morph parameter snapshot on *external* hardware devices.

With some MIDI hacking, it's also possible to use a Arturia BeatStep Pro and software called BOME Midi Translator Pro to convert CC messages to CV, and enable parameter snapshots for CV controlled synths as well!

Hardware synths controlled in this clip are the Novation Circuit and the Moog Mother-32. Audio is routed via Arturia's AudioFuse.  

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