Here's How To Layer Sounds on The Korg Kronos Synthesizer

In this video tutorial by Matt Vanacoro, we learn how to combine programs to create impressive layered sounds on Korg's flagship synthesizer, The Kronos.  

This video tutorial will take 3 and a half minutes of your time. It's worth it and will provide you with endless sound design potential. Matt Vanacoro shows how Combinations work to layer a large number of sounds together.

Every program on the Korg Kronos has two engines and with 16 slots it means you can layer up to 32 different sounds which means you can make a very large sound indeed. And fortunately, the Kronos is great at dynamically adjusting those sounds.

Here’s how it works and here's some good tips on how to go about designing your Kronos combinations:

Watch all videos from the complete course, Kronos 101: Kronos Essentials in the AskAudio Academy here.

Course Overview

Korg’s Kronos is unmatched in its ability to create everything from aggressive synth sounds to the most delicate and realistic samples. With its complement of 9 distinct sound engines, sequencing abilities and massive 21 GB of waveform data, this king of all Korgs is not easily conquered unless you really understand its DNA.

In this “essentials” course, Matt Vanacoro introduces you to all the sound engines, the Kronos’ physical architecture, MIDI implementation, input and output ports, performance modes and everything else you need to get rolling with this keyboard-based synth. Included in this collection of tutorials is a section about creating complex sounds. These tutorials will trigger your imagination and set the groundwork for your explorations into the world of Kronos design sound synthesis.

So begin learning the Korg Kronos now with synth expert Matt Vanacoro. And then keep a lookout for the advanced Kronos course for the perfect continuation of your Kronos education!

Watch all videos from the complete course, Kronos 101: Kronos Essentials in the AskAudio Academy here.

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