Here's How Ableton Push Can Control Elektron Analog Hardware Synths

Imagine using an Ableton Push to control your Eleketronc Analog Rytm, or Analog Four... or even the ELektron Octatrack? Stop imagining, this Max/MSP patch allows you to do just that, and now!  

Gustavo Bravetti has created a very impressive Max/MSP patch which allows you to use Ableton Push 1 or 2 to control Elektron's Analog Rytm, Analog Four and Octatrack. Because it's in public BETA you can join and try it out. (see below)

Here's Gustavo explaing the concept behind the Max/MSP patch, called Performer, and showing it in action:

Here’s both a list of what Performer can do, and the times for each section in the video:

00:00 Introduction.

00:39 Controlling Track's Mute States.

01:03 The Display's Pages.

01:25 Controlling Track's Levels.

01:49 Controlling Performance´s Macros.

02:20 Quick Row Change Alternative.

02:32 Snapshots (And basic multiplication skills show-off).

03:21 Activating Parameters.

05:12 Activating and Storing Single Parameters.

06:18 Deactivating Parameters 

06:42 One Button To Reload Them All (...or just some of them).

07:52 Hold Mode.

08:39 Quantise Mode.

10:10 Hold + Quantise.

11:17 Tap Mode.

11:46 The Crossfader as a Modulator.

12:03 X-Fading Track's Levels.

12:27 X-Fading Performance's Macros.

12:53 Crossfader Actions.

15:05 Outro.

Just to be clear this is not a Max for Live device… this is a Max/MSP patch, so you’ll need to download Cycling74 Max (demo or full version) to use it.

You’ll need an Elektron machine… of course!

While you can use Performer without an Ableton Push, it’s designed to work with it and the experience will be much better with, than without. Performer hasn’t been officially developed for use with Push 2 as the developer doesn’t own one yet.

You can Ableton Live, but it’s not needed for Performer BETA 0.9. If you want you can use Performer, Live and Overbridge at the same time!


Help BETA test Performer for free. More info on Gustavo’s Facebook page:

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