Has Uli Behringer 'Lost It' With New Warp Drive Synthesizer?

As far as we can tell the Warp Drive might not technically be a completely, brand new synthesizer or a clone, but an option that transforms an existing Behringer synthesizer into something better.  

There are a few certainties in life. One of these is that Behringer are releasing a lot of synthesizers. We'd hazard a guess to say they are pushing new synths (or reimagined clones) at a rate faster than any other synthesizer manufacturer.

In their latest video Behringer have chosen to add a bit humour in presenting the new "Warp Drive" which is apparently a secret hidden compartment / button on the Behringer D (the Minimoog Model D clone)...

The protagonist, Patrick, an employee of Behringer even questions whether Uli has 'lost it' because they've possibly been releasing too many synths after speaking to the CEO about the Warp Drive.

this not only adds a rather delightful blue stroke around the machine but appears to launch a "morphing sequence". Whatever that is, we'll find out soon.

And it looks like this video is just the beginning...

We expect the new Warp Drive to not be a brand new synth... but a firmware update that will introduce this new feature... possibly something to do with morphing? We'll let you know more once we know more.

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