Hacking Roland Alpha Juno 2 Vintage Synth With OLED Display

Whether or not you want to mess about with your pristine (or beat up) vintage analog synthesizer, this OLED display hack featured on Hackaday is too cool not to talk about.  

For all its polyphonic goodness, the Roland Alpha Juno 2 might be starting to show its age in terms of its LCD character display. Thanks to this display being compatible with the Hitachi HD44780 protocol it can be swapped out with an OLED display for crisper, clearer reading.

Sure, this could be a hack for all us synth-heads who want a better display, or more practically for those whose LED displays are starting to fail. And Jeroen Oldenhof figured out a way to upgrade his Juno 2’s display which he kindly details in this article on his site here.

A pristine new OLE display in the Roland Juno 2 synthesizer.

A pristine new OLE display in the Roland Juno 2 synthesizer.

Warning: there is minimal code to replace.

The Roland Juno series of analog synths played a large influence on European hardcore techno from the 90s and has been used by artists such as Vince Clarke, Pet Shop Boys, The Prodigy, Massive Attack, and Paul Hardcastle to name but a few.

Thanks to Hackaday for providing the story.

[Via: Hackaday]

Web: http://wp.visuanetics.nl/oled-display-for-alpha-juno-2/


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