Guitar Production Tutorial: Reverb or Delay, Which Pedal Goes First?

An age old question asked by guitarists is which pedal should be placed first, the reverb or the delay. Mostly delay goes first, but is the difference that significant? This video demos this & more.  

In this free video tutorial from the complete course Guitar Production 202: Pedalboard Setups Explored, Gregg Fine delves deep into the impact on your own depending on the order of reverb and delay effects pedlas. Then what about if you’re using other effects pedals, like a distortion unit between the reverb and delay? Gregg finds the order does make a more significant difference.

Watch the video here to experience it for yourself:

About Guitar Production 202: Pedalboard Setups Explored

When you have a bunch of pedals, from many different manufacturers, with different inputs and outputs, its a real art to get them all working together with the the best signal flow to produce the myriad different tones you need. This course, by pro guitarist Gregg Fine, explains all the sonic and practical possibilities while offering great solutions to make sure you get the sounds youre looking for.

A screenshot from the complete video course on Guitar Production 202.

A screenshot from the complete video course on Guitar Production 202.

Gregg first explains effect chains, pedalboard hardware and layout theory. He then tackles the complexities of cabling, power supplies, bypass options and FX loops. From there he dives into explaining all the various FX pedals and how they can work together, in the proper order, to achieve the best possible results.

When you complete this course youre going to see your pedal collection in a whole new light. And with new-found enthusiasm, youll dig down deep into your pedal collection to create a guitar rig masterpiece! So sit back and learn from the pedalboard master, Gregg Fine.

Watch the complete course in The Ask.Audio Academy here:

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