Guitar Harmonics And 3 Arpeggiators Make Fluid Harmonics A Unique Instrument We're Lusting After

There's something about guitar harmonics that makes me feel good about life. What if you could arpeggiate three layers? In Session Audio Fluid Harmonics does that and more as these teaser videos show.  

In Session Audio are proudly showing off teaser’s for their upcoming Fluid Harmonics instrument for Kontakt… and with good reason. The short demos we’ve watched remind me how beautiful guitar harmonics can be. But when you add up to three parts, each with their own arpeggiator, you can get something sonically special.

Here’s sneak peek video #1:

Here’s sneak peek video #2:

There’s very little info released as yes. We know that the library features harmonics from 30 guitars with an extra 100 synth sounds. It’s possible to layer three sound sources and arpeggiate the three sound sources with independent patterns, rates and playback modes. In Session Audio tell us you can also humanize the three sound sources independent of one another too.

No price or release date info as yet. However, we’ll let you know as soon as we know more.

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