Groove Engine is a MIDI/CV Step Sequencer And Arranger - Would You Buy It?

This concept looks like one that might appeal to a solid number of musicians - the developers of Groove Engine are taking suggestions, as well as donations to make their product a reality.  

Here's an interesting new idea for a product that, on paper at least, looks like it would be pretty cool. Described by its designers as "a MIDI beat and synth sequencing tool delivering hands-on control for hobbyists and professional musicians", Groove Engine aims to bring all your MIDI and CV-capable gear together and provide a more tactile alternative to using a computer for triggering your kit. The project has recently appeared on Indiegogo.


Bring all of your gear together. The groove engine's purpose is to provide a standalone production platform for live-stream and live venue performers. Ideal for breaking from the virtual mindset of computers, sub menus and limitations of on-board sequencers on samplers and synths.

Here's a concept video of how it might work. 

And here's a breakdown of the main features:

  • 16-step sequencer across 16 instrument tracks
  • Output any track to any MIDi channel
  • 3 automation channels per track (CC / CV)
  • 16 pattern slots
  • 16 arrangement slots
  • MIDI, CV or internal clock sync
  • CV clock out
  • Save / recall using SD card
  • Expansion slot

Which all looks and sounds pretty cool. There's only one slight issue though - it doesn't exist yet. As you may have noticed from the promotional video, it's currently at the 3D-modelled stage and as far as we can tell a prototype doesn't yet exist. That's not the end of the world - every product starts life somewhere. But the sums involved to pledge backing to the project are quite large - $349 CAD for the basic unit, which apparently represents a discount on the eventual price of $499. Will people pledge these amounts - as much as $699 with bundled MIDI splitters and routers - without seeing a physical product? 

In fairness, D&W are upfront about this, stating that the funding will go towards:

  • Equipment:
    • Rework / Soldering station.
    • CNC Router / Aluminum Milling machine.
  • Stock
    • Controllers, Programmers and ICs.
    • Analog Components.
    • Aluminum plates.
    • Endmills.
  • Development:
    • PCB layout.
    • PCB Print outsourcing.
    • Prototyping.
  • Operations:
    • Marketing.
    • Shipping Costs.
    • Unforeseeable expenses

It's certainly an interesting idea - but does it tickle your fancy enough to part with some cash?

[Via Devin Taylor]

View more details on Indiegogo.
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