Gorgeous, Affordable Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer, Ants, Set To Add New Features

Plankton Electronics Ants! - yes, that gorgeous sounding semi-modular analog synth has reached its kickstarter goal! To celebrate here's 8 videos covering all aspects of Ants and new stretch goals.

Yes the lead up to Christmas is always a blur. But it was just 2 weeks ago that Plankton Electronics announced Ants, their semi-modular analog desktop synthesizer. Don't you remember?? Here's our original article to jog your memory.

Launched on Kickstarter in early December 2016 ths beautifully designed and sounding semi-modular synth was going for as little as €419 EUR (Aprox. $450 USD or £350 GBP). The synth world heard the demos. Liked the demos. Liked the design... and unsurprisingly with over 15 days to go the goal of €27,000 EUR was reached.

Today, Alex Ballester, of Plankton Electronics, informed us that they have added stretch goals to the Ants! kickstarter and 8 new videos showing what Ants! is really capable of.

Here's what Alex tells us:

“We have updated the project. If we hit the 45.000€ goal we will add some new features to "Ants!":

  • An extra CV output. The Midi in connector will be at the rear part (still with a 3.5mm jack) and we will add a second cv output. CC or velocity.
  • Selectable midi channel instead of "midi learn"
  • A sync in on the LFO1.
  • Envelope 1 will be a triggered Attack/Decay instead of a gated Attack/Release.
  • One of the LFOs will have a sine wave output.
  • We will replace the attenuators for "attenuverters" in the mixer section.
  • A big and complete "patch book" with video demos. From basic sounds to complex patching

Also Plankton Electronics have uploaded more videos. An intro video with some details. 4 generative patches. Making classic drums. Using it as an FX processor and a "in depth" video with technical details. Alla available to watch in this playlist below:

If you were sitting on the fence about whether to get Ants! or not, these extra features might well persuade you to try and help Ants! reach the €45,000 EUR goal. That’s less than €20,000 EUR more to go.

Here’s a reminder of the main features of Ants!

Ants! Existing Features:

  • 4 Oscillators: yes, 4! V/Oct triangle-core oscillators. 2 of them switchable to LFO. Combining sinusoidal, triangle, saw, square and pulse with PWM.  Play chords, detuned basses, octaved leads, drums, and frequency modulated sounds.
  • 2 LFOs: 2 low frequency oscillators with triangle, square and pulse outputs.
  • VCF: switchable analog 12dB low-pass / 6db high-pass filter with resonance. At high input volumes it distort the signal. Self oscillating. It can sound crystal clear or really dirty.
  • 2 A/R envelopes: 2 attack - release envelopes with manual and external controls. Working at different times.
  • Mixer: 3 input mixer. Mix oscillators, envelopes, noise or any other AC or DC signal.
  • 2 VCAs: control the level of the signals with 2 analog VCAs.
  • Noise: a white noise source!
  • Sample and Hold: create random voltages, stepped sequences or dither your sounds or even your own voice.
  • AND gate: logic AND gate. Combine oscillators to create new waves, combine LFOs to create different patterns or mix your control signals to create complex modulations.
  • MIDI to CV: connect any MIDI keyboard, sequencer or computer and transform the digital signal to analog voltages for controlling the synth. 
  • 49 patch points, 28 potentiometers, 5 switches and 8 leds.
  • Normalized: Some connections are already made between some functions. Just connect your Midi or CV controller and play the synth without patching it. You can break any connection by plugging a patch cord to the normalized input.
It's small, it's semi-modular, it's affordable. It's Ants!


Plankton Electronics expect to deliver the Ants! synthesizer in April 2017.

Prices start from €419 EUR

[Via: Alex Ballester direct message]

Web: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/planktonelectronics/ants-analog-modular-synthesizer



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