Give Logic a Make-Over: Mod Logic's GUI Interface

Most people agree that since Apple took over development of Logic from Emagic the GUI interface has become more pleasant on the eye. Apple have done a lot more than add eye candy to Logic 8 and 9 of  

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Neal Mei
can you do this with the white key focus border, and if so how? I looked for the key focus picture file but could not find one. any info would help, Thanks
Rounik Sethi
Hi Neal,

As far as I know it's not possible to edit the key focus border graphic... I also cannot find it.

hello could you share your gui interface with me i like how your meters look on your interface this is all i wanna change on mine..........thanx
Hi Tre,

To be honest I'll have to have a search for those files. Not sure where they are any more...

As I teach Logic a lot, I've reverted back to using the standard GUI - there were just too many confused looks from students ;-)

I'll take a look and hopefully will find them. In the meantime crack open a copy of Pixelmator or Photoshop or Gimp and make your own by following the steps above!


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