GForce Software introduces Minimonsta2

Building on the architecture of its predecessor while extending its sonic and musical capabilities, Minimonsta 2 is a deep and inspiring instrument...

GForce Software are delighted to present Minimonsta2, a fresh and hugely enhanced rebuild of their much loved synth. The original Minimonsta gained heavy praise by fans and critics alike for incredible accuracy and a huge range of additions taking the legendary Model D® into previously unexplored sonic realms. Minimonsta2 retains the fundamental architecture at the heart of its predecessor, but builds on this in ways that extend its sonic and musical capabilities into a uniquely deep & musical instrument and sets it apart from other Mini.


A Bonafide Classic For The 21st Century

With the sound and character of the original hardware at its core, Minimonsta2 gives a classic synth a new lease of life. Authentic models of the original filter, three oscillators, and ADS envelopes, and much more, we’ve spent countless hours ensuring that Minimonsta2 still provides a faithful and accurate recreation of one of the most highly revered synths ever.

Minimonsta 2 features a new fully resizable UI

Now, Minimonsta2 adds a raft of new features and improvements - a new fully resizable UI, an improved audio engine, a powerful new preset browser, over 300 new presets, a new reverb effect, a vintage control to add authentic analogue imperfections, four programmable Macros, alternative 4-stage envelops mode, alternative bass-preserving ladder filter for when you don’t want to lose your bass when you increase the resonance, and more. All of this gives Minimonsta2 an authentic experience that feels at home in a modern setup.



Monsta and X-Modifiers

Using our unique X-Modifier technology, the scope of sound modulation possibilities is immense. An intuitive X-LFO and X-ADSR section provides you with the ability to create extensive modulations of almost every parameter, allowing you to create hugely complex, yet musical, sounds. So, while the tone and character at the heart of the synth remains authentic to the original, the additional features turn it into a true sonic Monsta with no equivalent.

Inspiration At The Speed Of Sound 

Minimonsta2 features our brand new Preset Browser, which gives the user the power to organise their sounds any way they want. With extensive tagging, sorting and search possibilities, it’s now quick and easy to find the perfect preset. Talking of presets, we’ve got them by the bucketload. Firstly, we’ve included 300+ brand new production-ready presets. You can also access the 500 legacy presets from Minimonsta, which have all been categorised and tagged for easy navigation. With a total of over 800 presets, inspiration is just moments away.

Minimonsta2 Browser

The sonic, aesthetic, and usability improvements that Minimonsta2 brings really feels like a night and day difference. Minimonsta was never just a Minimoog clone, but Minimonsta2 goes to a whole new level beyond emulation, equipped with tools to suit modern workflows and production styles, it can create almost any sound you can imagine… and many you can’t.Graeme Rawson, QA & Support at GForce Software.

Minimonsta2 – key features

  • Analog modelling of the legendary ‘Model D’
  • [New] Fully-scalable UI
  • [New] Powerful Preset Browser
  • [New] Over 800 presets including 300+ new presets
  • [New] Alternative bass-preserving ladder filter
  • [New] Alternative 4 stage envelopes
  • [New] Matrix Reverb effects
  • [New] Vintage knob for authentic analog imperfections
  • [New] Four programmable Macros for easy manipulation of sounds
  • [New] Programmable Aftertouch and expanded Velocity controls for extra playability
  • All original features including 3 oscillators and the famous 4-pole, 24dB/octave filter
  • Monophonic, polyphonic, legato and unison trigger modes
  • Vast modulation options via X-Modifiers
  • Pan spread for wide stereo sounds

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Price: Minimonsta2 £99.99 +VAT with an intro price of £49.99 + VAT

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