Getting To Grips With MIDI Instrument Tracks In Pro Tools

MIDI instrument tracks can do more than simple MIDI tracks in Pro Tools, and Joe Albano is here to show you how to put them to work in the most effective way.  

Pro Tools is perhaps best known for its audio recording capabilities, but it's just as adept with MIDI as it is with audio. In this course Pro Tools 102: Recording And Editing MIDI, expert producer Joe Albano takes you through everything you need to know about setting up, recording and editing MIDI in Pro Tools.

Pro Tools 102: Recording And Editing MIDI

In this short video from the course, Joe gets to grips with MIDI Instrument Tracks. What are they, what can you do with them and how can they help you? Getting right to the heart of how Pro Tools handles MIDI, he explains the different ways in which you can route MIDI in to your system and where you might send it once there - to a software instrument for example, or out to a hardware device.

MIDI channels are explored along with multitimbral instruments, and you'll see the difference between MIDI and instrument tracks, with instrument tracks incorporating a virtual instrument and an audio output, as opposed to the simple MIDI capability of a MIDI track. The full course goes into much even depth about how to get the most of your Pro Tools system's MIDI capabilities, so check it out today!

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