Get Your SoundCloud Tracks Mastered Online FREE With LANDR

SoundCloud users now have a fast, effortless and cost-free solution for optimizing their audio for streaming. That is, SoundCloud users can now use LANDR's online AI mastering service for free.  

Online mastering? Just a year ago we were discussing whether online audio mastering services like LANDR were ever going to catch on. Well, SoundCloud certainly think they are... and LANDR have scored quite an interesting scoop here by partnering with SoundCloud to provide their 12 million creators with access to a "mastered for SoundCloud" algorithm... oh, and it's free.

Here's the official info...

NEW YORK, NY -- MAY 25, 2016 - LANDR (, the cloud-based audio mastering software platform, and  SoundCloud, the world's largest music and audio platform with 175 million monthly listeners, announced today a partnership to bring LANDR’s revolutionary online mastering service to SoundCloud’s creator community. Through this partnership, SoundCloud's community will have free access to LANDR’s new “Optimized for SoundCloud” format, which will master and enhance the quality of songs streaming directly on the platform. This new partnership will provide SoundCloud’s more than 12 million creators heard each month on the platform, even more tools and resources to help them create and share their work with the world. 

“LANDR's mission has always been to make pro-level sound quality accessible to everyone. SoundCloud, with its large community of music creators, is a perfect partner to help us accomplish our goal. As a SoundCloud user myself, I’m also pretty excited to have the opportunity to listen to my favorite artists consistently at their fullest potential, leveraging LANDR’s ability to make their mix richer and warmer without compromising the original feel of their creation,” said LANDR CEO Pascal Pilon.

“Creators are at the forefront of everything we do at SoundCloud,” said Matt Fenby Taylor, Vice President, Creators Product & Content Operations, SoundCloud. “LANDR has created a great tool which allows anyone to achieve professional quality sound. We’re excited to partner with them to bring this easy-to-use, cost-free solution to our community of creators, enabling them to enhance the music they upload to SoundCloud.”

Optimise / master your tracks for SoundCloud, and then share them directly with one click.

Optimise / master your tracks for SoundCloud, and then share them directly with one click.

SoundCloud users will be able to optimize their created sound with LANDR for free, and share their mastered audio tracks directly to their SoundCloud account. The new mastering format will optimize audio for all playback scenarios. Both, enhancing the quality of songs for the purpose of streaming on SoundCloud, and giving creators the sound they need to release their music with confidence - whether privately among friends or publicly on blogs, sites or social networks.

LANDR’s mastering services provide access to metadata editing, integration with digital audio workstations, file management, and cloud storage backup. The platform’s AI algorithms are based on the analysis of millions of tracks and the system is constantly self-learning from the data gathered from user uploads and improvements. Updates to the platform are refined and rolled out as data is collected and analyzed, ensuring the mastering process is always optimized.  LANDR currently has over 500,000 producers, composers, musicians and labels, including Nas, Tiga and Warner Music Group, already using and relying on the platform for consistent, professional-quality sound. 

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