Get The FET-A76 Legendary Compressor Sound In Your Productions

Join Alex Solano as he explores Antelope Audio's DSP-powered emulations of classic compressors, starting with the sought-after FET-A76.  

Compression - it's a workaday process, right? Well, not when you get to work with DSP-powered recreations of some of music's most legendary hardware! In this short video from the course Antelope Audio 102: Classic Compressors, producer Alex Solano gives you hands-on practical examples of how to use these powerful processors to shape and control your tracks. In this clip he walks through the legendary FET-A76 model. 

Antelope Audio 102: Classic Compressors 

Thanks to their Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology, Antelope’s hardware-based effects gives you access to accurate models of some of the most sought-after vintage effects without taxing your computer's CPU. In this course, you get an in-depth tour of all the Antelope vintage EQs, with lots of real-world musical examples.

The video above has Alex demonstrating the controls of the FET-A76 as well as providing before and after examples of it in action. You'll get a feel for how this and other tools in the package can help you to really take control of your tracks and master the technique of compression.

Elsewhere in the course, Alex looks at emulations of classic tube compressors from the 1950s, such as the ALT-436C, RCA BA-6A and the Fairchild 670. You will see and hear them on drums, bass and guitar. Next up you get an overview and demonstration of the legendary 1176, including the infamous All-Buttons mode, and other compressors from the 1970s. You will learn about the SMT-100A (a classic compressor from the ’80s), the VCA160 (an emulation of the dbx 160), a recreation of Empirical Labs’ Distressor (one of the most powerful and edgy compressors known to the audio world), and much more. Be sure to check out the full course for a complete rundown of these powerful mixing tools. 

Watch the full course in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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