Get Samples From Mars FREE Voyetra Analog Synth Pack

It's always nice to get sample packs of rare and famous analog synthesizers. And in this case you can get a sample pack of one of the best sounding analog poly synths of all time. The Voyetra Eight.   

Samples from Mars are offering their a FREE versionn of their Voyetra from Mars sample pack, which is compatible with Ableton 9.7, Kontakt 5.6, Logic Pro EXS & any sampler of audio software that imports WAV files! Here's what they tell us about Voyetra from Mars:

The Voyetra Eight is a rare, polyphonic 8 voice analog rack synth developed in New York in the early 80s that many people regard as one of the best sounding analog synthesizers ever built. Not even the Jupiters can compete with this thing in terms of sound. The patches are huge - wide open, and lush, with thick bass, juicy resonance, unique DC source modulation (which makes it sound like the circuits are dying in the most beautiful fashion), linear FM and classic sync. Download the demo for a limited time only. 

What You Get:

  • 10 multi-sampled Voyetra instruments
  • Gigantic polysynths, juicy bass, synth horns
  • Punchy pads, wild FX & More 
  • Clean, tape and tube recordings
  • Extensive modulation and FX routing
  • Hand trimmed and expertly looped
  • Ready for Ableton 9.7, Kontakt 5.6 and Logic
  • 24bit WAV Files for any sampler / DAW
  • 1.3 GB


There is a "full version" of Voyetra from Mars available which is currently listed at 30% off during the Samples from Mars sale.

[Via: Angela P Lewis on Facebook]

Download FREE Samples from Mars here:



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